About Us

About The Lammars Wellness Spa & Beauty

The Lammars Wellness Spa & Beauty is regarded as one of West Java’s leading spa destination. Established on 27 April 2012 and has been rewarded As The Best Spa In Service Excellent Of The Year.

The Lammars Wellness Spa & Beauty is located on beautiful place at Jalan Setiabudi No. 256 A, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The Lammars Wellness Spa & Beauty is located in a strategic location with a large parking area and is located in tourist areas such as Rumah Mode, Kampung Gajah, Kampung Daun, Paris Van Java, the main attraction for the tourists.

The Lammars Wellness Spa & Beauty is a secret gateway to fulfill your dream to a irresistible beauty, health and a place to satisfy your leisure time.

We will make your vacation more memorable and full of experiences by visiting our spa when you are on vacation in Bandung. Spa can be your choice in addition to enjoying the culinary, shopping, and other interesting tourist attractions in the city. Spa is one of the ways to restore freshness to indulge your body and mind. The natural atmosphere of the mountains, the freshness of the air, the sound of splashing water, the elegant room design, the clean and comfortable atmosphere will give you a peace of mind.

We offer you a true absolute and rejuvenating spa experience. The perfect combination of exquisite treatments, professional caring service, marvelous setting and high quality natural-based products blend in together to give you a new experience, capturing the healing and nourishing essence of nature.

The Lammars Wellness Spa & Beauty is a perfect oasis for couples who want to enjoy a romantic escape or large group of friends, businesses and families who want to escape the busy lifestyle of Bandung.

Our Mission

The Lammars Wellness Spa & Beauty envisions itself to be The Preferred Spa Centre that sets high quality spa service standard in the Spa Industry engendering positive influence to its guests lifestyle and habits.

Our Vision

The Lammars Wellness Spa & Beauty believes that everyone has the right to a total relaxation experience of high quality beauty and wellness. It’s philosophy prioritizes the clients expectation that of high standard of grooming and hygiene as it will be given as they are pampered through spa.

Hence, The Lammars Wellness Spa & Beauty is committed in providing an ultimate spa service handled only by the Spa’s highly skilled therapists who knows a real pampering is all about.

The Treatments

A wide range of spa and beauty treatments from a head to toe are available at The Lammars Wellness Spa & Beauty such as skincare, massage therapies, body treatments, spa packages, Spa Wedding Package, waxing, manicure and pedicure and reflexology.

We also provide exotic and unique treatments include such as, Caviar & Escutox® Facial, Toraja Rejuvenating Ritual, Red Wine Spa and Romantic Spa Retreat.
Under the skilled care of The Lammars Wellness Spa & Beauty massage practitioners, trained in a variety of techniques, you will restore your overall sense of wellbeing, calm your mind, invigorate your spirit, tone your body and experience the relaxation and peace that comes from the comprehensive Spa treatments.